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How to upload keywords from a CSV document

If you would like to upload keywords from a CSV document , you can use our upload from file feature.

To get started you must click on your domain. Once you are on the chosen domain please click the + Add keyword icon.

Once you are on the Add keywords page you must click the Upload file button.

upload file

After you upload file you will see the preview with 5 rows and 6 columns visible that will help you choosing column that contains your keyowrds. Few rules that your file must fulfill:

Keywords must used in range of first 3 columns
Headings can be used. You will be able to filter it out later
Total amount of keywords cannot exceed 15 000

Load keywords from csv

Once you are ready to upload your file please click the Upload CSV File buton.

Select the correct file on your computer and click open

windows file upload

mac file upload
Now you will see a preview of uploaded keywords

Use the radio buttons next to the column headers to choose which column contains the keywords.
Use the tick box on the first line to dictate whether to import the first line or not.

file upload import

Once you are ready have have selected the correct columns click import keywords.

Now the keywords will be added to the Keywords box

Keywords uploaded

To continue adding them to your Domain you will need to select location & engines and click finish

location & engine pick

Congrats you have now added your keywords from a CSV file

completed task

Updated on: 01/07/2021

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