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How to add in Keywords

First you must have a domain added. You can find how to do this here - LINK

First you visit the domains page -

You can find this on the menu by clicking the Domains tab:

Domains tab

Then you must click on the domain you wish to add keywords too

How open a domain

Once you are on your domain you then must click - Add keywords

Add keywords

Now you will appear on the add keywords page

add keywords page

Then you must click on the white keywords box

Add keywords box

Add a keyword and then press enter

Added keyword

Now you must choose a location you wish to track

First you must click the location box

location box

Then either choose a location from list

location from list

or search for a location, you can go down to county/state, city, zip etc

ZIP Location



Once you have picked a location it will look like this

added location

If you need to add more location please click this button

add location

then you will be able to follow the steps again to add a new location, if you want to remove it please click the rubish bin icon

add more locations

Now you must choose a engine you wish to track

engine to track

If you want to track desktop & mobile you must click both boxes

mobile and desktop

Once we have finalised all the details you must click finish.

Add keywords

You will be reverted to the domains page with your keywords added

keywords added

At the moment you will need to refresh the page to update the rankings, your rankings should be updated within seconds or minutes. It wont take long at all.

Updated on: 01/07/2021

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