First off you must navigate to the Keyword Finder tool

Once you are on the keyword finder you will see this page

We currently have three search options:

Please choose the Domain

Now enter a Domain that you would like to find keywords for

You can either choose Global or you can find keywords down to a country level

Once you have picked the correct location, please click the mag glass or press enter

Now it will display keywords that the domain is ranking for updated monthly

If you would like to find the KD(Keyword Difficulty) Please click on the Mag glass

It will now process the data and find the KD

Once its processed it will tell you a score 0 / 100

If you now click on the SERP Icon it will bring up the SERP with all the data about each site so you can research indepth

If you click on the chart icon it will show you the search volume over time

If you need to export the data for the search, all you need to do is click export

Download CSV

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